InfoMus Lab

Multimedia interactive systems for 
"L'Ala dei Sensi - Stati di Mutazione Progressiva"


"L'Ala dei Sensi - Stati di Mutazione Progressiva", evento intermediale

Ferrara, November 6-7, 1999
Concept and direction: Ezio Cuoghi
Writings: Giorgio Celli
Dance: Compagnia Virgilio Sieni
Interactive systems for audio, video, dance, robot: InfoMus Lab


We developed several episodes of the multimedia event, including the following, with the dancer and choreographer Virgilio Sieni:

  • Dancer - robot interaction, with a Pioneer 2 robot equipped with special sensors, videoprojector and videocamera, and controlled by our proprietary supervision software. The dancer wears on-body sensors to send stimuli to the robot in order to influence its behavior during the performance.
  • Real-time interaction between the dancer and a virtual clone on a large video screen: the dancer interacts with a computer generated silhouette.
  • Virtual mirror: a performance of the dancer doubled in real-time by a special system based on multiple videocameras.


Dancer-robot interaction in "L'Ala dei Sensi", dancer Virgilio Sieni