InfoMus Lab

Innovative tecnologies for sound and music on "La Grande Nave Blu" at the Aquarium of Genova


The InfoMus Lab designed and implemented a sonorization system on "La Grande Nave Blu" ("The Big Blue Boat") at the Aquarium of Genova, for control and generation in real-time of sounds and musical comments related to the contents of the museum exhibit. A network of special hardware and software systems designed by the Lab manages the production of sound and music material and its spatialization (motion of sound sources in the space) in the several different environments on the boat. 

A main innovative aspect of the project consists in the possibility of generating musical pieces that are always different in the spatialization,  orchestration, and structure, at the same time remaining consistent with the contents of the region in the museum where the pieces are diffused.
Moreover, pieces are also consistent with those generated in adjacent parts of the museum. 


armadiregiam.jpg (47504 bytes)

The director's boxes assembled


Staff involved in the project:

Design direction:A.Camurri
Hardware design:R.Rossi
Software design:C.Massucco
Sound design:R.Dapelo e G.Palmieri
System integration R.Chiarvetto