InfoMus Lab

Concert "Allegoria dell'opinione verbale"

Opera House La Fenice, Venezia, September 2001
Opera House Carlo Felice, Genova, March 2002


This piece (composer Roberto Doati, actress Francesca Faiella, live electronics Alvise Vidolin, writings Gianni Revello) was conceived by the composer during a workshop at InfoMus Lab at DIST in June 2000 and performed (first performance) in September 2001 at the opening concert of the season of Teatro La Fenice, Venice.

Actress is on stage, seated on a stool placed in the front of the stage near the left side, turned towards the left backstage (so the public sees her profile). A big screen projects her face in frontal view (a videocamera is placed hidden in the left part of backstage, and is used both to project her face on the big screen and to acquire her lips and face movements). The audience can therefore observe the movements of the actress' face, while listening the piece and thus perceiving the overlapping and interaction of her movement with sound changes coming from the loudspeakers.

She therefore plays the text in front of the camera, while the EyesWeb platform is employed for processing the movements of her lips and face, in order to obtain parameters used to record and process in real-time her voice and diffuse spatialised electroacoustic music on four loudspeakers placed at the four corners of the auditorium in a standard electroacoustic music setup. The signals reproduced by the loudspeakers are only derived by actress' voice: former recordings of her voice, real-time recordings and post-process in real-time, etc.