The MEGA project participated and presented results by means of concrete end-user applications, services and special workshops at a number of conferences, workshops and exhibitions. Here follows a list of the main events MEGA participated to.

Public Demonstrations

  • Concert in the opening session of the PEVOC conference, Stockholm, Sweden, 2001 (KTH).
  • Summer school in cognitive musicology - Socrates IP - Jyvaskyla, Finland, August 2001 (IPEM, DIST).
  • Concert at SMAK, Gent, Belgium, September 2001 (IPEM).
  • TV program on SVT1: Hjärnkontoret, 2001 (KTH).
  • Emotional ring tones from Director Musices, 2001 (KTH).
  • TV National Geographic Channel: Recording of a documentary TV program at the InfoMus - DIST Lab at the Opera House "Carlo Felice", Genova, Italy, September 2001 (DIST).
  • Recordings for National Geographics Sat Channel, 2001 (CPR).
  • Concert "Per voce preparata", Concert Season of Theatre La Fenice, Venezia, Italy, September 2001 (DIST).
  • MEGA Booth Unit at IBC2001 EU-ISTV Booth, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 2001 (All partners).
  • Interactive demo on CPR prototype at the International Symposium for Wearable Computers 2001, Zurich, Switzerland, October 8-9 2001 (CPR).
  • "Citta' della Scienza" Science Center, Napoli, Italy - permanent installations, opening November 2001 (DIST).
  • Public demonstration at Gent University: faculty new year reception, Gent, Belgium, January 2002 (IPEM).
  • IPEM workshop session, Gent Belgium, February 2002 (IPEM).
  • InfoMus Open Week, Genova Italy, March 2002 (DIST)
  • Microelectronics Messe, Vicenza, Italy, April 2002 (DEI). more info
  • Neuchatel Expo 2002 - installation, Neufchatel, Switzerland, May-October 2002 (DEI). more info
  • Soho Atelier, Centro Culturale Candiani, Mestre (Venice), Italy, June 2002.
  • "Embalmer" (G. Battistelli), Almeida Theater, London, United Kingdom, July 2002.
  • Summer course, Gent, Belgium, August 2002  (IPEM).
  • Stockholm art and science festival, Stockholm, Sweden, September 2002 (UUP).
  • Groove Machine Performance - Kulturhuset-The Cultural Centre of Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden, September 27 2002 (KTH, GEM)
  • Brugge 2002 - Workshop series and performance, Brugge, Belgium, October 2002 (IPEM).
  • "Medea" (A. Guarnieri), “La Fenice” Theatre, Venice, October 2002 (DEI). more info
  • Concert "Electronic Frankenstein" (A. Liberovici), Teatro Carlo Felice, Genova, Italy, November 2002 (DIST).
  • Workshops at Vooruit, Gent, Belgium, November 2002 (IPEM). 
  • DEI - Open House , Padova, Italy , March 21, 2003, (DEI).
  • Live demos at the 5th Intl. Gesture Workshop, Genova, Italy, April 15-17, 2003 (DIST).
  • Multimedia concert “Shells”, Prato,  Italy, July 6, 2003 (DIST).
  • NYU Multimedia Event, Genova, Italy, July 19, 2003 (DIST).
  • Interactive game “Ghost in the Cave”, Stockholm, August 6, 2003 (KTH, DEI, TLN, DIST). more info
  • VOORUIT Multimedia Event IPEM40!, Ghent, Belgium,  October 18, 2003 (IPEM). more info
  • Fiera dell'elettronica, Vicenza, Italy, October 22-24 2003 (DEI) .

More info on the MEGA performances during the second year (November 2001 - October 2002) can be found here.
More info on the MEGA performances during the third year (November 2002 - October 2003) can be found here.

Events supported by IST/E3

MEGA participated to the following further events supported by IST/E3:

  • MediaFuture 2001 (Firenze, May 2001) (Camurri, DIST).
  • Darmstadt Workshop on Technology Platforms for Cultural and Artistic Creative Expression, May 21, 2001 (Van Belle, IPEM).
  • Digital Heritage Support Actions Concertation Event, 21 June 2001, Vienna (De Poli, DEI).
  • Intl CAST01 Conference, GMD, Bonn, 21-22 Sept 2001 (Camurri, DIST).
  • IBC2001 at ISTV IST/E3 Booth , Amsterdam, 14-18 Sept 2001 (All partners were represented).
  • AMIRE Workshop, Brussels, Belgium, during Concertation meeting on May 27, 2002 (Camurri, DIST).

Conferences and Publications
Results from MEGA has been published on first-class scientific journals (e.g., Computer Music Journal, International Journal of Human Computer Studies,  Journal of New Music Research). Special issues of IEEE Multimedia (Guest editors A. Camurri and T. Rikakis) and of Journal of New Music Research (Guest editor G. Volpe) on MEGA-related issues are planned for 2004. MEGA partially supported the 5th International Gesture Workshop.
Here follows a list of the main conferences in which MEGA was presented.
  • Conference on Digital Audio Effects (DAFx-00), December 2000
  • Mosart IHP Network Symposium, Padova, Italy, March 2001 
  • MediaFuture Conference, Firenze, Italy, May 2001.
  • Darmstadt Workshop on Technology Platforms for Cultural and Artistic Creative Expression, May 2001.
  • Digital Heritage Support Actions Concertation Event, Wien, Austria, June 2001.
  • International Joint Congress on Systematic and Cognitive Musicology, Jyvaskyla, Finland, August 2001.
  • Intl. Workshop Human Supervision and Control in Engineering and Music, Kassel, Germany, Sept. 2001.
  • CAST01 Conference, GMD, Bonn, Germany, September 2001.
  • International Conference on Web Delivery of Music, Firenze, Italy, November 2001.
  • Workshop on Music and New Technologies, Trieste, Italy, November 2001.
  • Workshop on Current Research Directions in Computer Music, Barcelona, Spain, November 2001.
  • First International Conference on WEB Delivering of Music, Florence, Italy, November 2001.
  • Conference on Digital Audio Effects (DAFx-01), Limerick, Ireland, December 2001.
  • International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME-02), Dublin, Ireland, May 2002.
  • STOMPS 2002, Stockholm, Sweden, May 2002.
  • International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition, Sydney, Australia, July 2002.
  • SIGMUS-46, Kyoto, July 2002
  • International Conference ICMC2002, Gothenburg, Sweden, September 2002.
  • International Conference IEEE - ROMAN2002, Berlin, Germany, September 2002. 
  • 5th International Gesture Workshop, partially supported by MEGA, Genova, April 2003. more info
  • XIV Colloquium on Musical Informatics, Firenze, May 2003.
  • BYOL Workshop (organized by EU IST AGNULA Project), July 2003.
  • SMAC - Stockholm Music Acoustic Conference, Stockholm, August 2003. more info
  • International Conference “Music and Gesture”, Norwich, UK, August 2003.

Published papers - First year

Published papers - Second year

Published papers - Third year